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deep brooks

deep brooks

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    art/history: doesn't it sometimes seem impossible that certain people ever existed, so determined to live life on their own terms? so it is with our beloved subject - who, i hasten to add, is much more than the sum of her enviably straight fringe & legendary bob. she carved a ragged road from the ziegfeld follies to highly vaunted (if controversial) roles in celebrated european films that were sexually charged & taut with social commentary. her return in the early 30s to hollywood saw her acting work sag, so she dabbled in dancing, radio & writing. mercifully, her films were revived in the 1950s by french film historians , who proclaimed her superior to marlene dietrich & (a former dalliance) greta garbo. by her own admissions, her sexually liberal attitudes were informed by an incident of molestation when she was nine years old. she said it left her incapable of real love. this tragedy lay just beneath the surface of everything louise brooks ever did. she died #otd in 1985.

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