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vive louise

vive louise

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#art/#history: 'i have been to hell & back - &, let me tell you, it was wonderful.'

if you're ever feeling your own ageing process crushing every shred of optimism for the future, i have a simple prescription. draw. choose a subject who's a complete badarse - one who has power-badarsed one's way through a substantial number of years. note the luminosity of the eyes. let your crayon, brush or pen trace every elegant line that zigzags over another to form an immortal & bittersweet smile. as you're laying down those squiggles, well up with gratitude that this person ever existed, even if your aspirations never quite stretch to such longevity or achievement. i practised this tonight & it's been a tonic. french artist, louise bourgeois, who died at the age of 98 otd in 2010, was so prolific & compulsive a creative that she was still exploring themes (including female domesticity, patriarchy, maternal strength, sexuality, child psychology) right up to a week before she downed tools for the final climb. have a look at her sculpture, 'maman'. it was a tribute to her own mum, whom, she said, was her best friend - clever, friendly & protective, like a spider.