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raisin' hell

raisin' hell

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#art/#history: 'what happens to a dream deferred? does it dry up, like a raisin in the sun?' - langston hughes

i'd seen a copy of her play, 'a raisin in the sun', lying on my mum's nightstand & have been intrigued ever since by its writer, lorraine hansberry, who was born #otd in 1930. the work itself, which explores how it was to be black in chicago during racial segregation, is a harrowing head-spinner based upon personal experience. if you're not inclined to read, seek out the stunning 1961 film starring sidney poitier & lou gossett jr. it serves up a heaping helping of quandaries not only about prejudice but also of social hierarchy & personal ambition. an inconvenient hero, lorraine was of fluid sexuality. an atheist who criticised existentialism but admired simone de beauvoir, hansberry used her uncompromising voice to promote feminism, resistance (both violent & civil) & black emancipation. although she was forthright, she also knew the importance of an open heart. 'there is always something left to love. & if you ain't learned that, you ain't learned nothing.'

actually, i can be bought.