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arthur's misfit

arthur's misfit


art/history: as a child, my tastes in comedy were precocious. some might say deviant. by aged 5, i was covertly mainlining 'monty python's flying circus' & that somehow led me to derek & clive records. i couldn't tell you how i got hold of such contraband, but dudley moore - already well known by that time - was like an illicit drug. when the film, 'arthur', was released #otd in 1981, i was determined to use my pocket money for a cinema ticket. it would be the first time that i recognised how right freddie mercury was about liza minnelli. she was fierce - a force, perfect for the role as the verboten object of arthur's besotted affections. this apple didn't fall far from the family tree: she's suffered many a crucible due to her penchant for drug & drink. like her mother was though, liza, too, is a strong advocate for gay rights. i kept this portrait a bit warhol, as the reference is from an old copy of 'interview' magazine. yes, kiddie me loved 'arthur'...but my tastes have changed & i now much prefer her turn alongside albert finney in 'charlie bubbles'. still listen to derek & clive, however.

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