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little ditty 'bout jacques & francoise

little ditty 'bout jacques & francoise

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art/history: mercifully, these two escaped the era of heat magazine & its 'brangelinalisation' of celebrity couples. not only were they too exquisite for all that nonsense, but also...francoisques & jacquoise just don't really work as portmanteaux. getting back to the coolest couple in french pop: they were both equally as talented & unassuming as they were beautiful. some people just have it all. he began writing & performing music when he was 17. she was gifted a guitar for her baccalaureat & was soon one of the hottest properties in ye-ye. at the age of 20, he was writing songs for her. they fell in love, produced thomas in 1966 & married in 1981. somehow - in spite of masterpieces such as 'il est cinq heures, paris s'eveille', 'proverbes', 'les gens sont fous' & 'la metaphore' - jaques dutronc (born #otd in 1943) was eclipsed in the anglo world by his wife, francoise hardy. i would encourage you to listen to them both, though.

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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