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linda's layers

linda's layers

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#art/#history: right...who's guilty of slagging off linda mccartney? queue up for a slap. i've always loved her - especially in her 'dorky bowie' phase. she didn't give a microgram of fuck what people thought about her hair, her voice or her influence on paul. would he be vegetarian without her? not only did she co-write each & every one of wings' number one hits, but none other than the smiths asked her to guest on 'the queen is dead'. she declined. anyway, she & paul were solid partners. i'm sure she had something to do with 'give ireland back to the irish', written in response to events that happened in 1972. whenever i draw her, i can't stay away from the warm palette. linda, who died #otd in 1998, absolutely coruscated from within.

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