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possessed by compassion

possessed by compassion

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#art/#history: it's always the quiet ones. you'd think that those early years she spent possessed by satan ('the exorcist' when she'd barely hit adolescence) & as a sexually abused runaway would have eroded her compassion. an original scream queen & bonafide sex symbol on roller skates, linda blair (born #otd in 1959) has been busy living a passionate life since she drew her first breath. strong-headed, independent & soft-hearted, she won't be owned. despite several passionate affairs, she's fiercely guarded her freedom. vegan since 2001, her loyalties lie with her worldheart foundation - through which she's rescued countless abused & neglected animals. pitties love linda. she works tirelessly to show humans how misunderstood they are. that must be the secret to her success in so convincingly scaring the absolute shit out of audiences: she feels, profoundly.

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