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pictures of lily


art/history: 'workin' 9 to 5, what a way to'...aw, fuck that shit. i knew her well before then from her appearances as the beloved edith ann on 'sesame street' (for a start). i haven't thought of her for yonks. it's shameful, i know...but that's the beauty of this project: research often reunites me with lost loves. detroit's child genius is a comedic acrobat, somehow able to traverse that sinuous line between innocence & innovation. her observational skills are lithe, acute & close to the bone. her aesthetic is impeccable & she counts unlikely sources as inspiration: brigitte bardot, jeanne moreau & audrey hepburn. she's managed to channel them through some of her many personages, with the help of her longtime writing partner & recent wife, jane wagner. you really ought to seek out some lily tomlin (born #otd in 1939) & discover anew her brilliance. you'll laugh like a drain.

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