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no face, all heart

no face, all heart

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#art/#history - #inktober: always a good idea to be stricken by an experimental muse when crunch time is breathing down your neck. still rushing this tribute - & one of my favourite directors merits so much more care & time. most of the image is in homage to his groundbreaking 1949 film, 'le sang des betes'. he filmed inside the abattoirs near the canal d'ourcq in paris & juxtaposed their horrors against the everyday lives of the people who benefitted from the products of slaughter. he confessed that he was traumatised & cried for two days once filming had finished. the figure is edith scob from 'les yeux sans visage'/'eyes without a face', a masterpiece that features cinema's most creative death scene - a vivisectionist being mauled to death by the dogs he imprisoned & used in his experiments. yes, i confess: i adore georges franju. his christiane suffers unspeakably for her father's whims, but wins in the end by not only liberating herself, but also the non-human victims he held captive.

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