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langston's language

langston's language

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#art/#history: let's start bashing out black history month with a bang - & someone who bore the brunt of being different. from accusations of communism to fluid sexuality in a society that was even less accepting than it is today, author/poet langston hughes (born #otd in 1902) is still teaching us. written in 1935, the prescience of his 'let america be america again' will put a frisson over you thusly. 'o, let america be america again - the land that never has been yet / & yet must be - the land where every man is free. the land that's mine - the poor man's, indian's, negro's, ME - who made america, whose sweat & blood, whose faith & pain, whose hand at the foundry, whose plow in the rain, must bring back our mighty dream again.'

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