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quirky kirk

quirky kirk

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#art/#history: vincent van gogh, go mail that ear...
but i don't think kirk douglas went that far in his portrayal of the artist in 1956's 'lust for life'. if you'd asked me yesterday if i'd be drawing kirk douglas today, i'd have laughed whilst swearing, but the dude's made it to 102 years of age. i don't dish out accolades for longevity, but i do like to acknowledge swell human beings. as it turns out, there's loads i didn't know about the elder douglas. i loved him in 'build my gallows high', but that was about it. it seems that kirk & his wife, anne, are keen philanthropists. they've given loads of money to schools & also established the anne douglas centre for homeless women. they've spent their own cash to travel in order to talk about democracy in autocratic regions round the globe & - the best yet - they taught their children that barry goldwater was a right racist twat. so, hooray for kirk douglas & his chin dimple. i'm a fan, goddamnit.

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