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everything & the kitchen sink

everything & the kitchen sink

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#art/#history:he's every true lefty's cinematic dad - &, lucky for us, he's still going strong. from pivotal classics like 'kes' to groundbreaking societal critiques that will make you laugh even whilst your heart is torn asunder ('poor cow', 'looking for eric', 'i, daniel blake'), ken loach has given us plenty to chew - & many warnings that we humans need to get our houses - including our kitchen sinks - in order. #otd, he's going into his 82nd year on this planet. it can't be easy for someone with such compassion & integrity. in true working class style, i'm raising a beer to his magnificent talent behind the camera & his activism everywhere else.

ps: i hope he forgives me for making him look like michael 'satan' gove.

ken, come home!