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katharine the kool

katharine the kool

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art/history: i honestly pity anyone who has never seen a film that features this woman. 'on golden pond' was my first introduction to her gargantuan talent, but there's plenty of other material if that doesn't appeal. her star began to ascend in 1938 with cary grant in 'bringing up baby' & she went on to make her mark as the firebrand foil to the testosterone stroll of humphrey bogart, spencer tracy & john wayne. more importantly, she was her own. politically, she was inclusive & openly promoted birth control in addition to a woman's right to abortion. this pitted her against the prevailing mccarthyist attitudes of the time, but i'd wager a guess that she gave negative fucks about that. in fact, i reckon even dorothy parker (who panned katharine's acting) would have approved of the character of katharine hepburn, born #otd in 1907.

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