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never too late for kate

never too late for kate

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#art/#history: welcome to the late night double feature. can one still have squad goals when she's 64? i'm not there yet, but i can't quite imagine growing old as elegantly as katharine hepburn, who died #otd in 2003 at the age of 96. into her 80s, she was grappling with mortality & coming out on top. 'i have no fear of death. it must be wonderful, like a long sleep.' she lived her life as a true iconoclast - & usually in trousers. at 28, she played the role of gender-bending sylvia scarlett in the eponymous film & she continued to portray dynamic people well into the 1990s. an atheist, she nonetheless practised kindness & generosity toward others. i may not have her physical beauty, but i can damned well emulate her philosophy.

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