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rivette's radical muse

rivette's radical muse

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#art/#history: she was the perfect muse for tonight's subject - an iconoclastic director who was revered by directors better known & more commonly associated with the french new wave - but she is not the the main attraction. despite the radical revolutionary persona that juliet berto portrayed in his films (she was, after all, queen of the night in his experimental 'duelle') & actually lived in the streets of paris in may of 1968, she's a strong woman representative for jacques rivette, born #otd in 1928. rivette was an enigma to the enigmatic. he forged his career as a critic at 'cahiers du cinema' amongst truffaut, godard, chabrol & rohmer (the former, resigning from his post as editor-in-chief, famously fell out with his friend, rivette, who assumed the mantle there & steered the magazine in a more radical direction), all of whom were hitchcock fanboys. during & after jacque's tenure at 'cahiers du cinema', he became much more politicised & found himself enthralled by the student uprisings of 1968. his filmmaking was transformed, becoming experimental in a way that inspired awe in his peers. to this day, rivette's 'out 1' is, for cinephiles, the perfect specimen. my personal favourites are 'celine & julie go boating', 'duelle', 'paris nous appartient' & 'le pont du nord'. there's ever such a lot i could write about him & - although monsieur rivette totally merits it - i'm just not up to the task. know this: his films will twist your brain as well as your heart. look into him if you're at a loose end & need some fresh air.