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julie's victorious

julie's victorious

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art/history: funny thing is, this person's been like a part of the furniture in my life. i've taken her for granted & had to ripen for quite a long time before i recognised her tremendous worth. her most iconic films left me tepid. she's not to blame: i've just always (with a few notable exceptions) given musicals the widest berth possible. look out. here comes a huge however. however...julie andrews (born otd in 1935) totally killed it in 'victor/victoria'. it's possible that she inspired blake edwards to make his best film. with music by henry mancini, this was the holy trinity of cinema. julie's an unstoppable force, still going strong today - but as humble as ever. growing up in a climate of personal (poverty) & global (WWII) adversity made her a tough nut with a delightfully nougat-y centre. she's funny, compassionate & generous. i'd watch all of her musicals if that would make her immortal.

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