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johnny jangle

johnny jangle

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/#history - #inktober: the more i read morrissey's recent spoutings, the more intensely fond i grow of johnny marr (born #otd in 1963). after all, as wonderful a lyricist & melody maker moz still is...his work has never quite achieved the belly-tingling musical majesty of the smiths - & that's down to the alchemy between manchester's lennon & mccartney. besides, johnny is every bit as conscientious as his more celebrated counterpart. he knew he couldn't help write a mournful ode to the much-maligned cow & continue to munch on beef burgers & bacon sarnies. he went vegan sooner than mozza did, as well. & he doesn't moan about how hard it is. johnny angel: halloween baby, ain't nowt scary 'bout you.

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