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hey, joe!

hey, joe!

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#art/#history: settle in (or scroll through), children, for story time (or egregious over share - like clinging on to some yonks-ago sporting victory) & read all about why joe elliott (born #otd in 1959) is my poster lad for yorkshire day. a long time ago in a land far away, he made me feel normal at a time when my self-loathing was dialled up to 11. thanks to my weak bladder, i was in the right loo (in a random hotel on the outskirts of pullman, washington) at the right time (apres spectacle). when i finished shaking the dew from the lily, i was about to rejoin my best friends, Kelly & Mary, (who remain so to this day) in the car park when i heard another kind of tinkling - that of familiar (yet not-at-all-local) voices, a trail of sorts on which i made my way forward. before me, in the bar, lay the leps - every last one of them. to this day, i can't understand where i found the gumption to plunk down a copy of a rare bootlegged EP, but joe laughed & asked if he could borrow the cassette until the next night. we chatted for a bit & he introduced me to rick allen (who was a living doll). confab ensued & i remembered it was december & my mates were probably reenacting the freezeframe maze scene from 'the shining'. before i rushed off, joe asked for my name. true to his word, he put us all on the guest list & left backstage passes for the next night's show. he also returned my tape & stayed good-natured throughout. so, that's that - & my soft spot for him abides to this day.

rock on.