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bruce wayne - but not as you know him

bruce wayne - but not as you know him

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#art/#history: picture the united states in 1973. 'lola' by the kinks had happened. 'walk on the wild side' by lou reed had reached the 16th position in billboard's top 100. alice cooper was an established thing. david bowie, elton john, marc bolan & roxy music were all driving audiences & music consumers mad with glam fever. & yet...& yet, along came bruce wayne campbell (born #otd in 1946): mega-talented, flamboyant, a child prodigy who had written & discarded a near-symphony by the time he'd reached his final year of secondary school. anyone who knew him recognised his natural gifts - & when, at last, jerry brandt appeared with the dosh & the chutzpah to really get things moving for him, all the hype dissolved into the ethers for jobriath (a/k/a bruce wayne campbell). why? because he was the self-proclaimed 'true fairy of rock & roll'. he was an unambiguous gay man on the scene & nobody wanted to know. the NME went as far as to christen him 'the fag end of glam rock'. it destroyed him - & then, again, it didn't. he never felt himself in all that limelight, so he defenestrated his fabulous costumes & took himself back to his first love: cole porter. from bruce/jobriath, he transformed himself once more into cabaret star, cole berlin. if you were fortunate enough to catch him live before he died in 1983 of AIDS, you know he'd play any song you requested - apart from his own.

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