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patsy's mayday

patsy's mayday

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#art/#history: who better to stand up for the workers of the world than good-ole lefty, patsy stone - only on may day, she's caressing muguet instead of margaritas & ciggies. her alter ego, joanna lumley, was born #otd in 1946 & every day she lives the values that underpin international workers day. a vegetarian for 45 years, joanna has never shied away from politics. she's given time - as well as her incomparably silky & eloquent self - to tree aid, gurkha justice, population matters & animal charities (amongst myriad other issues). she's also lived more fully than her 'ab fab' counterpart, having traversed the globe in between appearing in films & telly series. she's a worker, you see?

take me home, sweetie. i'm drunk.