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the beckoning

the beckoning

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#art/#history: i've only recently understood how legendary he is, as i've wasted most of my life thinking of him as mr celia hammond. after all, he had a hand in helping her to establish (1968) the celia hammond animal trust. his other hand was busy evoking otherworldly melodies from his fretboard or rooting round in a car engine. he is the least likely guitar hero you could imagine. well, he never fancied it. he's embarrassed by the song that became most commonly associated with him ('hi ho silver lining') & he's happiest letting new talent - tal wilkenfeld, rosie bones - steal the limelight. influenced by django reinhardt, ravi shankar & les paul (amongst others) & still greatly influencing young talent, his humility & magnanimity imbue everything he does. i think that goes a long way in explaining why he's been vegetarian for about 5000 years. jeff beck was born #otd in 1944 & he's not going anywhere soon. ah...maybe out to the garage for a tinker.

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