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morose about moreau

morose about moreau

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art/history: i said it would be a grim, black armband sort of gloom when she died...but i doubt very much she'd have approved of my maudlin mood. jeanne moreau's physical light has fitted & fizzled out, but she left a massive catalogue of film (& a bit of music) to stew & puzzle over. she worked for six decades - from the 50s through to her last acting role in 2012 & with everyone from cocteau to wim wenders, blier to besson. who wasn't beguiled by her catherine in 'jules et jim'? she captivated many & had a voracious appetite for love. even ray davies fell under her spell. she asked him to dinner. he declined & regretted it forever. if you don't yet fully appreciate the gravity of her loss, try to get your eyes & ears (miles davis provided the groundbreaking soundtrack) on 'lift to the scaffold'/'elevator to the gallows'. you'll see. i just hope the grande dame of the 'take no shit' credo tugged her cap & smiled at death as she ran ahead & plunged fearlessly into the river.

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