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#art/#history: the first time that i saw him in claude chabrol's 'que la bete meure' ('this man must die'), i thought, 'who IS this complete bastard? i need to know more.' turns out, he'd built a bit of an empire off the back of his ability to play pricks of all stripes - & to do so whether singing, directing, writing, composing...essentially, polymathing all over the place. (i've made a verb of polymath, which surely conveys honorary genius status upon me, yeah?) when he wasn't lampooning the french bourgeoisie as a sort of gallic peter cook expressing gauchisme with right-wing rhetoric, jean yanne (who died #otd in 2003), was writing screenplays & soundtracks, having cut his teeth earlier in his career by helping the likes of josephine baker to devise stage shows. his three-year spell for the french military in algeria had fomented a strong & abiding distrust for authority. it'd colour most of his creative output &, i think, is an even greater service to society than his immense talent. but he was generous with his money, as well, & helped to finance 'blood for dracula' & 'flesh for frankenstein'. where do you start with mister yanne? possibly NOT with 'coit' off the 'chobizenesse' soundtrack. try godard's week-end', 'erotissimo' or 'the butcher' from chabrol. you'd better get started. there's a lot to get through & you'll be hooked.

favourite citation: 'everybody wants to save the world, but nobody wants to take out the rubbish.'

actually, i can be bought.