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sunny jean

sunny jean

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#art/#history: i'm not saying you've got no class if you don't think that jean seberg (born #otd in 1938 & gone in a whisper at 40) is one of the most impeccably beautiful beings you've ever seen - but i'm typing it. & lemmy agrees: no class. 😜 thing is, jean's beauty is profound & timeless. she may not always have been the most astounding thespian, but she brought something ethereal to every role she played. not only that, but she fits neatly into this habit i have of being enthralled by those who possess substance & will. she'd barely had time to grow up when otto preminger pulled her from the iowan cornfields & made her joan of arc. so harsh were the critics of the 18-year-old's performance that jean ever quipped that she'd been burned at the stake twice. in her case, this was the basis for a primer she could've well written: 'how to start a film career'. godard wouldn't have been able to afford a big-name jean for 'breathless', so things worked out quite spiffingly. she & belmondo were a volcanic duo. they both went on to be celebrated & cherished. by the late 60s, djinn was active in the civil rights movement. she even financially supported some of the black panthers' activities, which earned her a blacklisting from hollywood. under the direction of the vile j edgar hoover, the FBI defamed & libelled her in the media. under extreme emotional strain, jean was suffering severe psychological stress by the early 1970s. she never recovered - & that's why i always want to wrap up this kickarse human being in sunny yellow.

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