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le plus beau mondo du monde

le plus beau mondo du monde

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#art/#history: he will always be the new cool - a bit naughty & anarchic, but ultimately soft-centred. he'd already made nine films before international audiences sat up & took notice. sandwiched between godard behind the camera & jean seberg as his perfect foil, jean-paul belmondo (born #otd in 1933) did what the film promised & left us 'breathless'. critics compared him to bogart & gabin, but he ignored the hype & carried on playing roles that stretched his limits, becoming, as truffaut considered him, the most complete actor amongst his thespian peers. one thing he can never thoroughly disguise in his acting is that magnanimous heart. he's used his voice against bullfighting & has lent his time to the cause of abandoned animals. underneath that veneer of irresistible delinquency, our kid's all sunny & warm.