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the god, godard

the god, godard

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#art/#history: quick & filthy homage to my favourite commie bastard - the master of (absurdist) cinema, jean-luc godard. although swiss-born #otd in 1930, he's indelibly associated with the french new wave of filmmaking. a good story, he said, needs a beginning, a middle & an end...but not necessarily in that order. perhaps the most politically engaged of all his peers, jean-luc could be found on paris streets in 1968 with fellow protesters & his pal, sartre. in the late 70s, godard travelled to a newly-liberated mozambique to document the country. he refused to use kodachrome in his camera because he insisted that it was racist, having been developed specifically for lighter skin tones. j-l loves colour. watch 'pierrot le fou' if you need proof.

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