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jane: 139813

jane: 139813

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#art/#history: i was late for the jane fonda express. when i was growing up, she was all leotards & leg warmers & i had no idea that she'd spent the previous decade fighting the power. she did films with godard ('tout va bien') & supported bernie whitebear's group of native americans in seattle. that same year - 1970 - she was arrested in cleveland for drug smuggling. 139813 was her booking number. when the drugs turned out to be vitamins, the charges were dropped & jane raised her left fist in defiance. still a supporter of the environment, palestine, reproductive rights & education - & she even speaks french! - hanoi jane was born #otd in 1937. such a shame her father was a twat who didn't realise his daughter's worth. his mistake. she remains very much alive & kicking against the system.

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