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super huppert!

super huppert!

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#art/#history: she's been nominated for 16 cesars (french oscars) & won two. they weren't for her fabulous resting bitch face, - which, in her defence, does not at all imply that she is as sang froid as her reputation would have you believe - but i'm highlighting it because i think it's delightful. you'd look slightly fed up, too, if you'd acted in over 60 films over the past five decades. studying the acting craft? you'd better watch isabelle huppert. born #otd in 1953, she is a treasure - a gift to the world & a living legend. i'm telling you, she is spectacularly unnerving - a tiny dynamo you would not want to meet down a dimly lit parisian side street. actually, you would. just don't ask her about her private life. i love her & she might intimidate the hell out of me until we began chatting about inequality in the world. it's her biggest social concern. when asked about sexual inequality in the entertainment industry, she said: 'yes of course, you can always wish for change, because obviously it’s a worldwide fact that women have still a lot to gain. when i started as an actress, i did everything possible to fight for myself. in a way, fighting for myself was fighting for women in general, but i always felt i had to be in a certain position in the films i was doing.' see? she's a pussycat, really.