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stax of soul

stax of soul

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art/history: this modern renaissance man began his career at the legendary stax records as a songwriter, session musician & record producer. he could really tickle those ivories & pump out some catchy ditties. richard roundtree would never have found such success if his 'black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks' hadn't had such a powerful theme in 'shaft'. isaac hayes (who died #otd in 2008) wrote that! not content only to compose defining tunes for cinema's gumshoes, he even tackled a role as a copper (alongside lino ventura's slap-happy badarse god-botherer, father charlie) in 1974's 'three tough guys' (or 'les durs', as it was known (?) in france). of course, he also wrote the soundtrack. where'd he get the energy? he saved some for later life, when he turned his golden vocal cords to rude animation, 'south park'. the town would've starved without chef's chocolate salty balls.

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