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a sheep in wolf's clothing

a sheep in wolf's clothing

from 35.00

#art/#history: chester arthur burnett was a giant in every sense of that word. at 6'3", he was certainly physically imposing...but his musical gifts loomed even larger. singer, guitarist & harmonica player, it's likely that his blues growl influenced at least one of your favourite musicians or bands - hendrix, the stones & loads more if you take into account six degrees of separation. monstrous talent aside, howlin' wolf (who was born #otd in 1910) was renowned for his largesse. with the help of his beloved wife, lillie, he was able to keep his finances in the pink & he passed this on to his band members through decent wages & benefits. next time you take 'smokestack lightning' for a spin, grin & think of the huge heart behind the dizzying lament.

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