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great scott!

great scott!

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#art/#history: not only could she play two steinways simultaneously, but she'd clearly mastered the perfect eyeliner flick. i really don't understand why hazel scott - trinidadian pianist & singer who was born #otd in 1920 - hasn't been as well-remembered as nina simone. maybe she was. maybe i'm just stupid. anyway...hazel was committed to civil rights & even had her own telly programme, 'the hazel scott show'. it was axed when she appeared before the house un-american activities committee because she'd been a vocal opponent of mccarthyism & racial segregation. 'to hell with this', she said (or, perhaps, something stronger), & she moved to paris until 1967. upon her return to the states, she got into politics in order to ensure equal recognition of black people by the entertainment industry. she carried on making jazz, collaborating with charles mingus & other luminaries. she only made it to the age of 61, when that bastard, cancer, smote her.

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