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haydee loves rohmer

haydee loves rohmer

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art/history: although the first #film of his i ever saw was 'my night at maud's', 'la collectionneuse' with its sumptuous, sun-soaked saint-tropez setting, has always been a favourite - &, thus, why i've chosen haydee politoff to help me wish him a joyeux anniversaire. this french director was the latest one to bloom when he followed his new wave cohorts away from les cahiers du cinema & into filmmaking. in spite of being one of the most subtle, he was well loved by his peers - & his own mum had no idea that her son was a famous director. a self-confessed eco-zealot, he often refused to even be a passenger in a car. to him, they were immoral polluters. eric rohmer was born #otd in 1920. when he died in 2010, he left a rich legacy. pick any film of his & it will leave you in wonder & contemplation.

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