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the beautiful belafonte

the beautiful belafonte

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#art/#history: cliches are great, aren't they? loathe though i am to use them, they're often true - & so it is with our subject. he's not just a pretty face. if you are familiar with bananas, his song's surely wormed its way into your brain on the odd occasion. 'day-o! daaay-o!' enough of that. anyway, he sings the shit out of songs & acts the hell out of scripts, but harry belafonte (who was born #otd in 1927) is - most importantly - a brilliant, rare human being. from civil to gay rights & all manner of speaking his mind about political issues (US foreign policy, in particular), harry don't care if you think he's a snowflake. fun fact: he's responsible for the cuban government's hip-hop ministry.

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