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harold loves maude

harold loves maude

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art/history: some days are just so easy. today was difficult (brexit is real, it seems), but choosing my subject required no effort - & if you recognise the film i've depicted, you must be cool. if you love & understand it as much as i do, we must be friends. this cinematic masterpiece is one that wouldn't have worked with different actors in the principal roles. these two had formidable alchemy. that chemistry convinced us that their very pure (not sordid) love was real. uplifting, moving, insightful & genuinely funny...'harold & maude' was that rare creature that struck the perfect balance. the soundtrack by cat stevens rounded it off nicely. thank you, bud cort - born #otd in 1948 - for your gentle quirkiness & glimpses of mad genius.

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fine art print on cotton paper:
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