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thunberg's thunder

thunberg's thunder

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#art/#history: the awkward thing about my tribute is that i'm almost certain that greta thunberg (born #otd in 2003) would feel uncomfortable about it - &, i hope, not because she doesn't like the drawing. yes, i'm sure great greta is too humble to want people to openly honour her. i understand, but she's just such an admirable human being. only sixteen, it's been a good few years she's had her eyes firmly open to the devastation that human activity has wrought upon our planetary home. her persuasive ways have resulted in a supportive family who now live a vegan lifestyle & avoid air travel. when greta speaks about this earth crisis, she's impassioned without being melodramatic. she's the voice her generation needs to emulate...& quickly. but any of us alive right now & sliding round on this magnificent marble need to buck up & do our bit - like, tout de suite.

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