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alone, not lonely

alone, not lonely

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#art/#history: humans just don't listen, do they? she said she wanted to be left alone, not that she wanted to BE alone. nuance, dumbarses. this means that greta garbo (who died #otd in 1990) wasn't the curmudgeonly recluse that she was portrayed as being. she was merely a bit selective of the people whose company she kept - & she was a creative daydreamer, happy in her own company. this swedish screen legend never married, had no children & suffered crushing bouts of depression, leading to speculation that she may have had bipolar disorder. of it, she wrote: 'the last few days, i have been thinking a lot about tistad - about summers there when it rains & that marvellous melancholy enfolds us.' you see? she wasn't unfeeling. she felt too acutely.