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he really is atticus!

he really is atticus!

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#art/#history: he's everyone's surrogate dad (until you read 'go set a watchman' & disown him) - but even damned near perfect fathers make controversial decisions. atticus finch shot a rabid dog. robert thorn tried to choke satan out of his own son. the person who breathed life into both of these characters knew tragedies of his own & they etched themselves into what would otherwise be a too-handsome face. there's always been something utterly compelling about gregory peck (born #otd on 1916). i think you can see the grace, compassion & humility in his eyes. one of the most telling anecdotes about his character is when, in 1968 as the president of the academy of motion picture arts & sciences, he delayed the oscar ceremony because mlk had been assassinated. peck used his opening speech at the postponed event to drive home a few truths. he called for society to 'unite in compassion' & urged the making of films which celebrate the dignity of [humans] whatever their race, colour or creed.

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