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the face of grace

the face of grace

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art/history: is this behaviour befitting of royalty? 1) who cares? 2) fuck monarchies 3) they're only humans - & that last one is key, because this princess was the most human of all. whether it's apocryphal that she always planned to marry a prince i can't say, but i do know that she really only ever belonged to herself. never subservient to the mores of her day, she wore what she wanted to wear & bedded who she fancied - but never capriciously. she wasn't superficial & she wouldn't turn away from injustice. one of my favourite anecdotes about grace kelly, who was born #otd in 1929, was when, in 1951, she swanned out of the stork club in NYC when josephine baker was refused entry. she left with her own large party & invited josephine to decamp with them. the two became lifelong friends & kelly would later give a villa to the bankrupt baker - proving, as ever, that her parents had aptly named her. france claimed her heart & one of its most beautiful roads took her life, but i like to think she was reasonably content when she died.

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