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the world needs more gore

the world needs more gore

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art/history: welcome to my world of weird pinups. hey, society would be in a much healthier state if we revered more humans like this & fewer 'celebrities for celebrity's sake' morons. what i love most about my poster boy is that he looks like an old, white man...but the inside of his brain couldn't be less so. he was the life of the party without even really being present. he could mingle - & even loved the idea of rubbing shoulders - but he never let it own him. his frigid, intellectual persona (love was not 'his bag') was just that. underneath the bilious essays that assailed the american state, he hid genuine concern for the vulnerable (as well as an abiding love for a former school mate, jimmie trimble). an atheist, he understood how creeping fundamentalism was used to weaken & indoctrinate citizens. barrel of laughs, eh? o, yes, indeed. he could write wry lines that you'd slowly unwrap, like the most exotic cerebral sweet, & examine from every angle before getting within a mile of tasting distance. in 1948, his book, 'the city & the pillar', with its themes of homosexuality, exempted him from the new york times book reviews for years. that didn't stop him venturing further into controversial territory: 1968's 'myra breckenridge' was a satirical side-eye at prevailing attitudes towards feminism, transsexuality, patriarchy & sexual deviance. does this sound like the sort of person who'd pen historical novels about political figures & ancient civilisations? gore vidal, born #otd in 1925, did all that. if you don't want to read, seek out the film 'best of enemies' & watch him tear strips off his right-wing nemesis, william f. buckley.

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