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art lasts longer than an expensive dinner

whether you plump for an original or a print, you'll also receive the story behind the image. most of these works were done as part of a project called art/history, so each relates to a specific date. i'm not suggesting that the subject matter isn't sometimes slightly tenuous, but there's always a link. feed your brain & feast your eyes.

glenda's watership moment

glenda's watership moment

from 30.00

art /history: double feature (in an attempt to compensate for the lack of an instalment yesterday) for you! on the left, we have a beautiful & fierce specimen who went from 'women in love' to ripping strips off tory MPs in parliament. if you can find her anti-tribute to margaret thatcher (april, 2013), you'll thrill. hold on to your seat. this is stirring truth that is too rare in politics. there are too few torchbearers to her legacy, but she had to call it a day in 2015. next to glenda jackson (born#otd in 1936), i hope that you will recognise a friendly, little bunny. rabbits could be glenda's spirit animal. they're sweet & peaceful looking, but they can kick the shit out of you if necessary - & when you least expect it. i know. i've been thumped good & proper by a few of the cute assassins. it was 'watership down' (written by the genius author, richard adams, who was born #otd in 1920) that gave me an invaluable insight into the secret lives & inner workings of our leporidae friends. together, these two are splendid enigmas.

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