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in bloom

in bloom

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#art/#history: an art history professor of mine was obsessed with georgia o'keeffe. at the time, i didn't understand how paintings of cows' skulls & semi-lurid plants could elicit such passion & fierce loyalty. now i realise what my instructor saw. it's not about blossoms as female sex organs. rather, these blooms encapsulate the pure power of nature & enforce the reality that we humans can never truly vanquish our earthly home. we try to destroy it, but the mum will be ultimately victorious & continue long after we fuck off for the final time. georgia o'keeffe painted a lot of flowers & left us #otd in 1986 with a bit more wisdom & a metric rainbowload of colour. 
ps: lately, i, too, seem to be sketching beaucoup bouquets; but i shall have to unpick that puzzle another time.

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