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kool as krupa

kool as krupa

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caution: experimental. that's appropriate to the subject, whose energy, flamboyance & showmanship are still influencing drummers 44 years posthumous. on 1937's 'sing, sing, sing' (as part of benny goodman's band), his searing solo set the benchmark forever - & is one of the very first percussion solos. adamant about civil rights, he was proud to work with other musicians of all races & made it a point to flout segregation laws. into his 40s, he was opening full crates of whooparse on the likes of younger drummers such as buddy rich. if you haven't seen or heard their mindbending battles, treat yourself to a sonic treat. i'll just be over here smugly remembering (even though, sadly, i can't recall) that gene krupa - born #otd in 1909 - was the first person i saw play live (thanks to my papa's impeccable taste & questionable parenting). i was two.

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