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rad francoise

rad francoise

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#art/#history: rad femme francaise alert! 

'profit is the last face of power & capitalism the last stage of patriarchy.'

this is the face of ecofeminism. she coined the term in 1974. francoise d'eaubonne, dragged up in the shadow of two world wars, felt the weight of her environs & was deemed 'hypersensitive'. she turned that pejorative on its head & concentrated its power in critical thought. in 1971, she co-founded the FHAR (homosexual front of revolutionary action), followed swiftly by the introduction of the centre for ecological feminism in paris. environmental activism is at the core of her feminist philosophy & she cites toxic masculinity as a primary cause for environmental destruction. who can argue? after all, anyone with a modicum of sense would recognise the common denominator driving the resistance to a shift toward sustainable energy. hint: it's generally not women. francoise was a prolific writer & if you fancy going down that road, you should think about adopting her credo: 'not a day without a line'. she died #otd in 2005, aged 85.

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