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flo sho

flo sho

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#art/#history: if i grow up, i'll settle for being 25% as wondrous as this human being. in 1949, when she applied to study law at columbia university, she was refused admission. instead of blithely accepting this, flo kennedy (who died #otd in 2000) asked the dean why she'd not been permitted. he told her that it was because she was a woman. flo wrote him a letter & told him that she reckoned that the real reason was due to the colour of her skin. she demanded a meeting - a rendezvous at which she threatened to sue. she graduated in 1951 & went on to represent both billie holiday & charlie parker. her early experiences informed her life's philosophy: people of colour, women & other marginalised populations were all treated disdainfully by the ruling white classes. she made it her mission to redress the balance. to pique your curiosity about this astounding human being, i want to tantalise you with something she said: 'prostitutes are accused even by feminists of selling their bodies; but prostitutes don’t sell their bodies, they rent their bodies. housewives sell their bodies when they get married.'

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