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fete de la judy

fete de la judy

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art/history: it began with a riot in chicago in 1886. at a meeting in paris, it was proposed that demonstrations take place to honour the anniversary of the event. by 1891, it was recognised as an annual date to celebrate workers' rights - & here we are today: fete du travail. this is why we must fight to retain its tenets that demand the three eights - 8 hours of work, 8 hours of leisure & 8 hours of sleep. let this be my propaganda for the cause. my poster woman suits its ethos perfectly. she was brought up to fight for what's right. she's still talkin' - against senseless wars, patriarchy & racism. born #otd in 1939, judy collins is that rare human who manages to compel you with her innate warmth whilst simultaneously warning you to behave lest she have to unleash her steely resolve on your arse (with a bouquet of muguet, no doubt).

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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