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felicitations, felicity!

felicitations, felicity!

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art/history: so many brilliant people born today - jean-philippe rameau, william faulkner, glenn gould - but when it comes to the crunch, i had to draw this magical imp who brought joy into my drab childhood days. i knew her as sassy & self-sufficient barbara, better half to tom, off 'the good life' (or 'good neighbours, if you're in the states). 'the young ones' would later traumatise me by sexualising her ('bambi') through her knickers at the launderette - & i guess that's fair enough. she never really pretended to be virginal. it's just that she looks so pure & innocent. in a relatively recent interview, she talks of her anti-barb dark side & said she had affairs when she fancied. what wins my allegiance to felicity kendal (born #otd in 1946) is the guest list for her dream dinner party: emmeline pankhurst, lord byron, marlene dietrich & george bernard shaw.

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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