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fannying about

fannying about

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#art/#history: be a fannie! soldiering on with #inktober because this person isn't as notorious as she should be. fannie lou hamer was born #otd in 1917, the child of mississippi sharecroppers. although she enjoyed school (& excelled particularly in spelling & poetry), she left at the age of 12 in order to help her mum & dad pick cotton. by the 1950s, fannie lou was picking fights instead. she threw herself into the civil rights movement & began to engage in direct action in order to challenge the racist paradigm. her insistence on being registered to vote drew the ire of white supremacists & fannie was shot 16 times in a drive-by attack. undaunted, she continued to apply to the registry & finally succeeded on 10 january, 1963. the next year, she was instrumental in co-founding the mississippi freedom democratic party, which was established to provide a place for all people who would not stand for discrimination or exploitation. fannie's sort of dynamism is hard going. she succumbed at 59, 'sick & tired of being sick & tired'. one of her most famous utterances is still in use today by freedom fighters of all stripes: 'nobody's free until everybody's free.'

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