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bold ethel

bold ethel

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#art/#history: who is this bauhaus babe, looking like wednesday addams gone full-on flapper? she's ethel mannin (who died #otd in 1984) & she's my kind of weirdo. between the ages of 19 & 77, ethel wrote over 95 books - from romance novels to travelogues & memoirs - including an odd choice for an atheist that became, perhaps, her best known tome. 'late have i loved thee' was written about catholic conversion by a godless anarchist (the author, herself). she led a funny, old life &, by all accounts, when she wrote her last book in 1977, it was as dull as dishwater because, by then, getting it all down on paper was a compulsion. she was still an iconoclast, though: anti-monarchy, anti-fascist (to read: 'against race-hatred & for a socialist peace') & long-serving chairperson for shrewsbury town FC. one of my favourite stories about ethel is that she devoted an entire chapter for her book, 'stories from my life', to a young chap she observed on a train journey from leeds to london. she was captivated by him & noted down the book in which he seemed so absorbed that he didn't take his eyes off it even to drink or eat. when she arrived home, she asked a librarian friend of hers to find the book for her. turns out, it was a compendium of explicit pornography.

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