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demy's dreamy deneuve

demy's dreamy deneuve

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art/history: really needed a diversion tonight. ge2017 is properly winding me up. my heart is clenched & my stomach's churning. mercifully, jacques demy was born #otd in 1931 & i pulled this quick homage out of my squalid depths. although considered a part of the french nouvelle vague, demy's films set themselves apart with their sumptuous & fantastical qualities that drew comparisons to luxurious hollywood musicals. characters crossed between films & michel legrand provided many of their scores. demy's themes were hardly lighthearted, given their weight of social observation (labour rights, teenage emotions, dreams interloping on reality) - but his magical director's treatment meant that you submitted to being transported by his stories. for instance, my muse (catherine deneuve) starred in 'the umbrellas of cherbourg', which is a story of love, loss, war, shame, sadness & redemption. its bold colours somehow seduce you into the characters' lives whilst simultaneously making you part of their lucid reveries. i don't even know if this makes sense, but i blame that on political brain-fry.

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