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eno & mason catfight

eno & mason catfight

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art/history odd couples, episode 7,652: what else would one of the world's preeminent actors have in common with a the planet's premier knob-twiddler & electronic soundscape maestro but...cats, of course. i can't guarantee that they ever actually inhabited the same room, never mind befriended one another - but that's what makes the imagination magical. i'm happy to put my screwball fantasies down on paper & subject an unwitting public to them. the rainbow motif is a nod to their flamboyance in respective disciplines. brian peter george st john le baptiste de la salle eno (born #otdin 1948) kind of had his work cut out living up to that name. i think he's managed. from his days in roxy music to buddying about with bowie in berlin, this chap has never been ordinary. thoroughly decent at heart, he's not afraid to wear his compassionate politics on his sleeve - & his oblique strategies needn't be pretentious. they can keep your thinking fresh. still & all...as you can see in this scenario, eno can't contain his jealousy of that cat sat atop the sturdy shoulders of james mason, born #otd in 1909. hands off, brian. you never wrote a book called 'the cats in our lives' & nor did you star in an excess of 100 films. i don't think you flogged thunderbird, either, alas...but you're both imbued with masses of talent & you're both sublime.

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